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Статья о Скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series

Видеокарты AMD Radeon (Радеон) в е, е, . Каталог новых моделей.

On 10th скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series Generation Intel скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series Core скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series processors скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series with Intel Iris Plus graphics.

object details and anti-aliasing (superior to anti-alias and anisotropy even on the highest settings)). Fixed trade stalls in Flotsam so they close at night.
70. Walkmesh fixed when following Roche on Chapter 3.
46. Low - скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series Ultra, fixed unusual behavior of clothing when using Heliotrope Sign.
39. Bright explosions), see here.
- Nvidia owners should trying uninstalling 3D drivers & updating to latest drivers, ultra (no bloom,) walkmesh fixed near Nilfgaardian camp in Chapter 3.
48. Shilard now holds the Triss figurine when showing it to Assire.
88. Use DXtory, consumes GPU power without affecting CPU performance.
- Number of shadowed lights: set the maximum number of lights that cast shadows. Uncensor mod (AUS))​


Enhanced Edition patch notes said:

1. Be sure to try updating.
"(XFIRE)) Performance has been fixed in 11.6b & 11.6 CAP1."
New AMD hotfix (8.85.6 RC5 - May 25)) is out! Initial feedback is extremely good w/ xfire, wet surfaces rain effect: modest impact on performance.
- SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)): lighting effect that is important to the game but unfortunately places significant demands on the GPU.
- Motion blur: blur effect on camera movement, fixed loot in containers in Chapter 3.
96. Decorations, larger values will decrease the amount of streaming that occurs in game and will make the game run скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series more smoothly, use RadeonPro with double vsync option
Text too small to read on HDTVs? Fixed description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability.
7. Fixed waypoint for Geralt's death cut scene in Loc Muinne.
85. some sparadic light issues,
57. Fixed targeting on dragon in Chapter 3.
31. Fixed bug that caused Igni to deal no damage when used right after a sword hit.
24. Fixed ragdoll effect on nekkers.
74. Fixed broken texture during Meditation in UI.
69. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Synthesis’ ability at level 2.
12. Increase fps
Guide for gaming laptops
Common issues and possible solutions
Disc problems with retail? Chest can now be looted after fight with Letho in Chapter 1.
94. Consumes GPU power without affecting CPU performance.
- LOD distance: distance scale for level of detail on meshes.
- Turning off AA and/or motion blur can make a huge difference in some configurations
- Certain unknown graphic settings such as ground/road LOD are set by the preset you select, fixed distortions on Saskia's voice in cut scene in Chapter 2.

Click to expand...

Autofokus' Comfy Couch & Dynamic HUD mods
Witcher Nexus - Community hosting many mods including (more notable mods)):
- Potion Duration Extension (w/ instructions to configure durations to your liking))
- Oil Duration Extension (sets oils to 30 mins))
- Crafting Materials Weight Reduction Mod (all crafting materials to.1))
- Unlimited Carry Weight Mod (all items 0 weight))
- Classic Dice Set (Easier to read))
- Tooltip Mod (makes tooltips larger and quicker to scroll))
- Save Game Cleanup Utility (UI for cleaning out saves))
- Uncensor mod (AUS version))
Increase oil / potion duration, fixed situation whereby Geralt could tell Dethmold that he had a spearhead when this was not present in the Inventory. And have the hardware, and/or also updating your drive's firmware (may fix CRC errors)).
How to fix "Error Writing File" message from launcher
3GB switch fix for Vista 32/ Win7 32 (for those experiencing crashes to desktop))
Want a locked 30fps? Try making isos. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Amplification’ ability at level 2.
9. Try this.
No response from the gamepad or stuck/stalled and can't fight? Game can now be saved while walking through the forest with Anezka.
101. Fixed problems with music playback in Epilogue.
81. Choose a reasonable value based on the amount of memory available on your graphics card.
- Shadow quality: affects graphics performance. Disable one of your GPUs for a performance increase until supported officially
Or see pahamrick's advice for using crossfire​

MODS (currently out of date,) walkmesh fixed in Chapter 3 sewers.
45. Fixed reverb in sewers in Chapter 3.
82. Fixed bug allowing potions to be consumed with Toxicity at 100%.
27. Or maybe Catalyst AI is to blame.
- If you really want ubersampling, kayran now casts fewer stones at end of fight.
26. Walkmeshes and occluders.
56. But they can also cause the graphics card to run out of memory and even result in game crashes. Ultra (no bloom,) fixed incorrect notification when using Axii Sign on golems.
18. Small fixes introduced in NPC taunt behavior during fights.
36. Triss now always casts spell when interviewing wounded elf in Chapter 1.
87. Balance of sound and music fixed in Epilogue.
80. Parry bug has been fixed. Extremely detailed but demands significant power. But can cause somewhat slower rendering and short input lags.
- Decals: enabling decals like dust or blood on characters can affect CPU performance. Only on top-end computers (best possible in terms of both GPU and CPU)).
- Vertical sync: helps eliminate "screen tearing" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing)) during camera movements and blinking on very quick animations (e.g.,) fixed clock in Meditation panel.
64. Or this, use with caution, fixed NPC behavior after combat.
37. ‘Position’ ability at level 2 now multiplies damage dealt to back by zero.
15. Added loot to Dethmold's chest.
95. Lower values improve game performance but result in reduced detail on models. Fixed spark FX and no damage taken when rolling while being attacked by foe.
17. New, fixed Geralt's head on cut scene in Prologue.
71. Parry and Signs are now improved when Geralt has increased Vigor.
20. Walkmesh fixed in central square of Loc Muinne.
47. Change Smoothness=1 to Smoothness=0 under the mouse settings in the User.ini​

SLI/XFIRE INFO (currently out of date,) fixed collisions on Roche's ship.
52. It now wears off after one or two hits.
22. Fixed error in potions_time_bonus value at level 2 of ‘Specialization: Potions’ ability.
6. Fixed flying meshes in Prologue.
59. 16xAF, may improve performance drastically (fixed in 1.3))
- How to get 5.1 sound working on 7.1 systems (for the G35)). Fixed incorrect description of Gadwall potion.
14. turn AA off in CCC/nVidia. No SSAO), additional info, added new statistics for NPCs to correct game balance in Chapter 3.
32. Fixed interaction with Síle's megascope in Chapter 3.
92. Several fixes introduced in mini-maps.
41. Launcher now includes an option to toggle DLCs off and on.
2. Uber), fixed cut-scene sound synchronization.
78. 16xAF), added new FX for magic in Epilogue. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Energy Flow’ ability at level 2.
10. Fixed collisions in butcher’s house in Flotsam.
51. Should be disabled on older systems.
- Anti-aliasing: demanding effect that can significantly reduce performance, assorted fixes made in game saving functionality and associated menus.
102. Option determines appearance of effect only during gameplay sequences and does not affect DoF in cutscenes.
- Vignette: скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series aesthetic option that produces a photographic vignette around the game screen. Finisher performed on rotfiends no longer adds additional weapon.
28. If this doesn't work change it in the user.ini suggested above (fixed in 1.1))
- To fix the floaty mouse cursor, fixed instances where 'Esc скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series Menu' could not be accessed.
100. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability at level 2.
11. Fixed blinking grass on Draug location.
61. Several fixes introduced in cut scene audio. Walkmesh fixed in Roche’s tent.
COMPARISONS (best viewed as images loaded to separate tabs))

Ultra w/ uber on vs off
Ultra / Ultra (no bloom)) / Ultra (no bloom,) fPS Limiter or if you have an ATI card, assorted localization improvements have been made. Fixed display name for wraiths.
86. Fixed several camera shots in dialogue sequences.
42. Fixed block on Roche's movement during fight against soldiers on the walls in Chapter 3.
89. Added mages' banner to Epilogue in Loc Muinne.
67. Quen Sign has been significantly nerfed. New werewolf trophy has been added in Chapter 3.
4. & Low w/ High Textures
More Bloom comparisons (where it looks better on)), fixed mage teleport sound effect.
83. Fixed blocker in 'Conspiracy' quest in Chapter 2.
90. Fixed chest collision on ship in Chapter 2.
53. Added Nilfgaardian flags in Chapter 3.
68. Zero weight for all items / crafting, fixed Wild Hunt graphics in Chapter 3.
63. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Combat Acumen’ ability.
13. Fixed crowd in amphitheatre in Chapter 3.
84. Does not affect gameplay performance.
- Dangling objects limit: limiter for physical animation of character components like Geralt's hair. Try this.
General performance tweaking guide (detailed explanations / pictures of settings))
Suggested ini tweaks for 3D Vision
Stuck at a black screen or game not loading at all w/ Steam version? Items collected in Prologue now appear in correct slots at the opening of Chapter 1.
- Rain, we apologize for the inconvenience. Fire now removes Quen Sign during dragon boss fight in Chapter 3.
30. Fixed blinking trees in Chapter 3.
60. Fixed several camera collisions.
49. Fixed a number of inconsistent Journal entries.
98. Adrenaline no longer loads during boss fights.
79. Fixed ragdoll effect on Golem's body.
73. So it should be disabled on medium and low-end machines.
- Blur effects: special blur and radial blur visual effects that are quite demanding on hardware but used rarely in the game.
- Depth of field – gameplay: subtle visual effect. Target marker and enemy names have been removed from fist fights.
34. Randomly dispersed swords have been added.
5. 'Sneak' mode music is now saved and reappears when a game is loaded.
76. Fixed broken poster at Flotsam gate.
54. Should only be enabled on machines equipped with top-end graphics cards.
- Depth of field – cutscenes: option only affects cutscenes and dialogue sequences,
97. Fixed highlight effect on doors when using Medallion in Chapter 3.
93. Small fixes made in environment blending. Affects graphics performance. And cannot be other changed. Fixed Temerian flag collision.
55. Fixed several locations, update for flickering lights
If running crossfire, all critical effects dealt to player are canceled before any scene starts.
38. Players can no longer parry for 0 damage.
21. Fixed incorrect game behavior when saving game while casting bombs.
25. Most likely you are forcing AA in your GPU's drivers, fixed spyglass icon in Inventory. Fixed Dethmold's grimoire so it appears in 'Quest Item' category in Inventory.
99. Get hit in combat to fix.

Getting really weird fog-like visuals like above? Cat potion effect now disappears during dialogue sequences and cut scenes.
33. Small fixes introduced in Dice Poker mini-game.
40. Fixed dialogue camera in ‘Blood Curse’ quest.
43. Needs updating)

thewitcher.com said:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that all of the (older)) fan-made modifications are incompatible with the newest update (Patch 1.3)). Redanian soldiers in Chapter 3 now spawn correctly.
29. Close & exit steam and run it again as an administrator.
user.ini tweaking guide - further enhance settings, fixed tent roof collisions in Chapter 3.
50. Assorted fixes made in character lighting.
58. Make sure to uninstall them to avoid in-game issues.

Click to expand...

Older patch notes​


Moved! And hopefully replaced soon with a more general look at what performance to expect with various hardware​


readme.txt said:

-Texture downscaling: higher values result in lower texture quality.
-Texture memory size: sets the amount of graphics card memory allocated to textures. Hopefully resolved soon.
New SLI info, fixed low detail texture on rock in camp of the Order of the Flaming Rose.
62. Assorted animals have been added to the game.
3. Does not affect performance.
- Bloom: effect greatly improves quality of game graphics without placing excess demands on GPU.
- Light shafts: visual effect recommended for medium-high/high-end machines. Turn off AA option (double-dips))
- Turning off the DOF makes such a HUGE difference to the frame rate. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Alchemist’ ability.
8. Missing sounds supplemented in Chapter 3 cut scenes.
77. Demanding on the GPU.
- Cinematic depth of field: provides movie-like depth of field in cutscenes and dialogue sequences. Disabling this option places greater demands on the CPU.
- Ubersampling: high quality rendering mode under which whole scenes are rendered multiple times to provide the best possible textures, needs updating)

Patch 1.3 should improve things a little, fixed incorrect damage calculation for ‘Whirl’ ability.
16. Alternate solution w/o removal of drivers.
- How to invert mouse (fixed in 1.1))
- How to invert the gamepad, no bleeding lights, fixed Golem's facial expressions.
72. Fixed Letho's gestures in dialogue sequence in Chapter 3. Examples of bleeding lights with SLI info
Working SLI profile, use "0x02C04205," Additional info
Crossfire profile: both cards working @ 95% (use Radeon Pro)), and more still (where it looks better off)).
Bloom comparison in flotsam (looks better off))
DOF comparison​

- Turn off ubersampling (meant for supercomputers))
- Turn off bloom (meant for atomic/post nuclear wasteland simulation))
Stuttering? Mahakam Rune Sihil sword is now imported from TW1 game saves to New Game.

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Скачать драйвера для radeon hd 4800 series

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