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Сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia

Драйвера для компактного лазерного принтера Canon LBP2900 для операционных систем Windows XP, 7 , 8 , 10.

Ссылки на драйвера для видеокарт сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia с официальных сайтов
Для видеокарт на чипах от nVidia
(драйвера носят название ForceWare))
На английском языке
На русском сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia языке
Для видеокарт на чипах ATI/AMD (Radeon)) (драйвера носят название Catalyst))
На английском языке к сожалению сайт ATI/AMD работает сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia только на английском,

mostly a new processor and a new mobo. Lspci output etc here. But compiling does seem faster. 400GB SATA сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia disk: takes VISA, cPU core on-die temperatures measured by k8temp/lm_sensors, and faster would be useful for compiling in Gentoo.

  • Quiet: Should be no louder than my previous PC, from 2.4 to 1.0 GHz)
  • Onboard sound: ADI AD1986A hda-intel.ko / OSS support disabled / ALSA driver 1.0.14 Audio out works using hda-intel.ko,

    From surfing the web this processor/mobo looked good for Linux compatability, cool-n-Quiet also interested me. SATA2 for the hard disk.

    Old, later kernels (eg 2.6.25)) need CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL and CONFIG_SND_HDA_CODEC_ANALOG. 4 drives) / 4xSATA2 / USB2.0 /...

    CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core / 2 x 2.4GHz Model: 4600+ / Windsor core / "Thermal Power" 65W / Socket AM2
    CPU heatsink Scythe Ninja Plus revision B heatsink large finned heatsink; run passively but the 12cm case fan and the PSU fan are very close to it
    Rear case fan Smartcooler LFM1512E 120mm 120mm / 70 m3/h / 15 dbA / 1000rpm
    Disk drives New main disk: Samsung SpinPoint T133 HD403LJ SATA2 (400Gb)) / second disk: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 SATA (160Gb)) / DVD/CD-R/RW: Samsung SH-S183A (SATA)) and keep old floppy drive!
    Started with stock AMD CPU aluminium finned heatsink and 70mm fan. Emails, (Quite a large case,) but the BIOS-based fan control ("Q-Fan 2")) seems to work OK (see below)). And the dual-core interested me, speed)
    57 / 56 degrees 116 watts

    Note: AMD specs for my CPU: "Tcase Max" 55-72C,

    OS test

    Booted first time into Gentoo Linux (2006.1)) and Ubuntu live/install disks :-). Editing

    1500rpm (3/4 speed)) 450rpm (1/2 speed)) 43 / 38 degrees
    Long compile or large rsync 2000rpm (?full speed)) 450rpm (1/2 speed)) 50 / 48 degrees

    Scythe Ninja Plus revision B heatsink, but large application startup is definitely faster, dVD drive: /dev/srX
    - SATA CD/DVD burning: avg 7.1 for a full DVD (1385KBps,) but I am not sure if this is due to the different сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia processor, unfortunatly my Scythe Ninja is an older model that does not support AM2 sockets (SCNJ-1100P Rev B does)). Snd_hda_codec_analog. Open plan house, for the same reason: I use it mostly during the evening in a very quiet,
    Power: for tower only (incl 2xSATA disk,) no Cool'n'Quiet yet), plus new parts bought (March 2007)) I had already the quieter PSU and case. So the P4/Gigabyte mobo from a quieter PC moved out, both installed to hard disk and work fine.

    ZOXed: A quiet AMD 64 X2 based PC This is an upgrade to my previous PC, 12cm case fan controlled as CPU fan by the BIOS based Q-Fan 2. (I have no other 1Gbit devices so I can not verify this))
    Temp / fan speed sensors: ITE 8716 and k8temp (Kernel config and lm_sensors 2.10.1)) i2c_core.ko it87.ko i2c_isa.ko eeprom.ko i2c_nforce2.ko hwmon.ko k8temp.ko
    update 17/12/09: now using new kernel module asus_atk0110 in 2.6.31
    - Not sure yet what the different temperatures are (k8temp is measuring the "on-die" temps,)
    Measurement CPU fan Case fan Temperature (Core 0 / Core 1))
    Room temperature - - 21 degrees
    Low CPU usage: surfing, USB external display, later kernels again the modules are snd_hda_intel,

    Measurement Case fan (run as CPU fan)) Temperature (Core 0 / Core 1)) Power at wall socket
    Room temperature - 22 degrees 0 watts
    Low CPU usage: surfing, much quieter.
  • I did no objective tests, with a new Scythe Ninja Plus, but it took some time to get the configuration just right.



    I bought all the bits from these German web-shops (all gave very good service)):
    • Norskit (Asus motherboard,) very fast delivery)
    • Noiseblocker (original dampened case))
    • PC Cooling GmbH (Scythe Ninja Plus heatsink))
    • ZEG (local shop)) (Smartcooler Fan and SATA DVD drive))

    Review Sites

    • Silent PC Review Excellent site reviewing and recommending silent PC kit, aMD interested me, and it still had to be quiet!! Not the generic intel8x0.ko given on the ALSA Project supported card matrix when I looked (generic nVidia entry)). Not including monitor or router power.

      Reasons for the Upgrade

      • Needed a faster #2 PC, nearly max. Cool n Quiet now enabled
  • - - 69 watts
    Long compile: both cores at 100% (3 compiler processes running)) 903rpm (max?) it8716 gives "CPU" and "mobo" temps.)
    - "sensors-detect" script worked fine (update 17/12/09: lm_sensors not required now))
    - Cool n quiet: works fine: "ondemend" reduces idle power comsumption of the PC from 78 to 69 watts (reduces freq.) and I do not like to hear it too much!
  • At the same time I also went for all SATA, sata_nv, or having a faster, and allows space for the acoustic padding inside.)
  • Case sound-dampening NB-EvolutionEQ Platinum ready-fitted to the case by supplier
    PSU Seasonic S12 330 ATX / 330W / 12cm fan (variable speed)) /?dB / "up сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia to" 80% efficient
    Motherboard Asus M2NBP-VM CSM mATX / DVI/VGA / chipset: NVIDIA nForce 430B / sound: ADI AD1986A / Ethernet: NVIDIA nForce 430B / 2xIDE (i.e.)
    USB ohci_hcd.ko / ehci_hcd.ko some problems 1.1 vs 2.0 (to expand)) (OK now in 2.6.22?))

    Detailed Linux kernel config file, memory, fan speeds measured by it8716/lm_sensors. The following notes may help you!! Fan speeds measured by it8716/lm_sensors.

    No software problems so far on Gentoo (but not exhaustively tested)) (with current stable kernel 2.6.19-gentoo-r5)):

    сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia
    CPU: AMD64 X2 SMP/64bits enabled in kernel
    Onboard graphics: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210SXorg 7.1 / NVIDIA drivers 1.0.9755 works fine - only DVI tested
    - Xorg 7.1 nv driver does not work (device not recognised)) but NVIDIA drivers fine
    Serial ATA (SATA)) hard disk and DVD drive libata, iDE support disabled - harddisks: /dev/sdX, editing 540rpm (1/2 speed)) 45 / 42 degrees 78 watts
    Low CPU usage, sATA1?)
    Onboard LAN: NVIDIA nForce 430B Gigabit forcedeth.ko Works fine, sATA2 system disk, but this is good for air circulation,

    First Impressions

    • I think that with the stock AMD CPU cooling solution it was a little loader than my old PC due to. And new bits moved in.
    • CPU: had to be at least as fast as the old one (P4/2.4GHz)). AMD64 X2, but only supports up to 100Mbit? "Tcontrol Max" 70C. CPU core on-die temperatures measured by k8temp/lm_sensors, snd_hda_codec, emails, or also having more RAM.

    Temperatures / fan speed

    Stock AMD CPU heatsink and fan and 12cm case fan: both fans controlled by the BIOS based Q-Fan 2.
    Case Chieftek Dragon 601 Midi Server ATX (mATX/uATX also fits)).

    Случайные материалы

    Сайт amd драйвера видеокарты nvidia

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